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Pat Devlin and why Miami sucks!

There has been a lot of news recently about Pat Devlin, a highly recruited highschool QB, who recently decided to attend PSU in the fall instead of Miami. This decision has been called a "coup", but why is that? I don't think it was an coup at all but rather a young man making the correct decision.
Why would anyone want to go to Miami? There are tons of hurricanes, which is less fun than it sounds. It is blazingly hot for about 8 months of the year. Lastly, Miami fans are the most apathetic fools i've ever seen. Nobody goes to the games, the stands sit mostly empty as the UM team plays. Who gets inspired by that? Or could it be that after getting housed by LSU Miami decided to "clean house" and fired the two coaches who had landed Pat Devlin?
It isn't surprising that a young man chose Penn State over Miami for the following reasons: You would get to play here!Thousands of PSU students showed up to chant Devlin's name at a PSU basketball game he attended. PSU basketball is terrible, but yet hundreds of kids showed up specifically to help recruit Devlin. More people showed up to convince Devlin to play for PSU than who show up to watch an average Hurricanes' game. I mean honestly, everyone would choose PSU!

WE ARE!!!!


The Sword...all saucy edition.


The scariest thing in the world!

After giving it a terribly large amount of consideration I have determined what qualifies as the scariest thing in the world. The scenario goes like this:

You are at a relative strangers house for a social gathering, this person could be a new boss, a casual acquaintance, or just someone you know from school. You are having a good time, the conversation is lively and there are several other people at the gathering. You know most of them, some better than others. After dinner you receive "nature's call". It comes upon you suddenly and you hustle into the lavratory.

Fortunately there is no line and you settle in to take care of business. Once you are completed, and feeling more than a little proud of yourself, you flush. Then the water starts to go up instead of down! You are being confronted with the worst situation possible. You quickly glance for a plunger, there is none available. You consider going Mario Brothers on the plumbing but not even this makes sense to you.

The worst case scenario floods your mind, you will be standing in murky water amongst your own feces as the water streams out of the bathroom and notifies everyone of your error. You will be an outcast, unloved, and as unwanted as a turd marked: "return to sender".

(In fact, the entire Amish way of life was started by people who accidently clogged a toilet.)

Fortunately, a miracle occurs, the water starts to recede! Your good name is saved but you have just experienced the scariest thing in the world!



The PSU football class of 2006 is starting to take shape and the outlook at this point appears very positive. ranks PSU's recruiting class as the 10th in the nation with 10 4 star recruits and 6 3 star recruits. PSU also has a higher average of stars per player than they did with last years stellar recruiting class. (3.44 this year as compared to 3.05 last year). The most talented recruits are on the defenseive side of the ball, particularly Defensive line. Recruiting Defense is great, particularly because it looks like the offense will still be productive. However this does leave me with some concerns.

My concerns are limited, but there is no such thing as an unimportant part of a football team. The two places where PSU seems to need bolstering is Offensive line and Defensive secondary.
Levi Brown is the only returning starter on offensive line, he is an All-American but he is the only returning starter. The importance of the offensive line will be heightened because Morelli is a less mobile quarterback than Robinson was. Developing the offensive line will be critical to both the running attack and the high powered passing attack.

The Defensive Secondary has been decimated by graduation. Hopefully the emergence of Deion Butler, and other receivers along with the return of Derrick Williams will allow Justin King to focus on being a dominant corner.

This will remain a part of the team to watch through spring practices and the Blue and White game.

GO State!


Hell yeah!

Hell yeah!!! Except, P-Pos should be the #1 player to watch in '06!!! Last year he ate a man, now he is back for more!!!!
(Oh and Paul got injured in the Orange Bowl. Good work SI, you not only wrongly put him at #4 but also screwed up what bowl game he played in!)


Big Dog!!!

Big Dog is back and ready to get his law on! Go get 'em Homey!

You're the man, by the way!!!!

Golden Domers

The Onion pretty much gets the jist of what Notre Dame is all about. It is tough to hate ND too much. They are a classy institution, however, my beef stems from the fact that so many people love ND having no affiliation with the university! here is how a conversation with your average ND fan goes:
Golden Domer: Oooh, I love ND!
Me: Did you go there?
Golden Domer: No, but i love ND and Charlie Weiss is the greatest Coach in the History of the Universe!
Me: yeah, Charlie Weiss had a great year, but isn't it kind of unfair to give him a 15 year extension for one winning season when Ty Willingham had a season which was just as good if not better?
Golden Domer: I don't see it that way.
Me: Well at least ND doesn't have names on their jerseys.
Golden Domer: yeah, i don't like that i can't tell who is who.
Me: right. Well See you in September.



Pos stays put!!!

P-Pos is comin back for his senior year, Lets go State!


Belated F$U bashing



USC is NOT the greatest team ever...who knew?

ESPN has been running its mouth for weeks about how this years USC team is one of, if not the, greatest team of all time. This was and is bullshit. USC isn't even the best team this year! I don't have anything against USC but I'm just glad the weeks of sucking USC's nuts have come to a close.
Yes, USC is a good team even a very good team but one of the greatest teams of all time? Please! I don't even like Texas but I'm glad they beat one of the most overrated teams of all time. USC isn't overrated because they are bad but because of the hype! Win something first then claim to be one of the greatest of all time!


Orange Bowl

The Orange Bowl lived up to my expectations in the following ways:
The tailgate was righteous!
Tons of PSU fans in the stands!
F$U fans boggle the mind, I just don't understand them.
PSU wins!
The Tailgate was definitely a good time. good food, good people and good beer, that is all a tailgate should be.
The stands were full of Penn State fans. Despite the game being played in Florida the crowd was easily a home crowd for PSU. This makes me question the loyalty and dedication of the F$U crowd. It is impossible for me to believe that F$U fans could've outnumbered PSU fans if the game was played in Pittsburg.
Apparently F$U does not only not travel well but also the fans that do make the trip have the mental age of an ironing board. To the F$U fan the tomahawk chop is the solution to all of life's problems. If a team picks up 5 yards or 50 yards the answer is, as always, the tomahawk chop. I also noticed during my time with these curious creatures that F$U fans love to cheer boisterously when F$U has the ball. I always thought the idea was to be quite so your team could hear each other on offense, apparently not. I did enjoy the added noise to help screw up the criminole$ whenever possible. In sum, F$U fans basically do everything the opposite of PSU fans, which is to say that they do everything wrong.

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